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We will be closed from December 17th, 2018 until January 7th, 2019. During this period of time, you can still place your orders online. These orders will be shipped within a week after January 7th. If you want your order shipped in 2018, please place it online before December 15th.

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We currently offer EFK (Expanded Field Kit) in compact, custom made TAB GEAR pouch, and TCK (Tool Components Kit) in Borka Tools universal vinyl zippered pouch. TCK is a replacement for SBK (Small Bench Kit), which is now discontinued and is out of stock. SBK may still be available from MHSA.

EFK, TCK and SBK include the same adjustable torque driver (ATD), having an adjustment range from 10 to 85 inch-lbs. in 1 inch-lb. increments with +/- 4% torque accuracy variation. Below are two videos from 8541 Tactical and Learning Firearms, which show most of EFK and SBK features, and also serve as approved, by Borka Tools, video guides for ATD and kit accessories.

We've implemented some very minor changes to EFK configurations, and also modified original 2014 EFK pouch design. Take note that 2015 video, posted below, shows EFK kit before all these changes were implemented. Camo pattern pouch, as shown in the video, is not available since 2016. Our current TAB GEAR pouch is available in Coyote Brown color only, please see picture of this pouch on ATD kits related product page.


SBK (see video below) may still be available from Mile High Shooting Accessories.


To learn more about various ATD based kits and purchase them online, select menu item " Adjustable torque driver kits ".

Check out our variety of PTL based kits, available as "off-the-shelf" or custom items, and highly optimized for use on many firearms and chassis systems, including AIMC and AICS, FN-SCAR 16/17, Desert Tech SRS, HTI and MDR, Sig Sauer MCX and MPX, CZ Bren 805/2 and various Remington 700 action based rifles. 

Watch this detailed PTL video review from Dave Timm of Learning Firearms:


To learn more about various PTL based kits and purchase them online, select menu item "Precision torque limiter kits". 

Below is a 2013 video about PTL062K kit for FN-SCAR 16/17 barrel change, which can be also beneficial to watch as a generic visual guide for just about any PTL based kit.


This 2015 video from one of our customers shows Borka Tools PTL053K kit for AICS.


Forms of payment, domestic shipping and tracking information:

We strongly prefer that you place and pay for your order(s) online, with use of our shopping cart, supported by PayPal secure payment processing technology. If you do not have PayPal acccount, you can use your credit card, without need to register with PayPal. Just choose an option "Check Out / Pay without a PayPal account" when you are ready to complete your online order by submiting required payment and shipping information. Other acceptable form of payment is USPS money order, directly mailed to: Borka Enterprises LLC, 29383 Breezewood, Farmington Hills, MI 48331. Contact us first if you would like to use USPS money order as a form of payment. If your order is expected to be above $500, do not use any of the above mentioned forms of payment and instead, contact us first for additional instructions and shipping charge estimate.

Your order for the item(s), shown as available "In Stock", will be shipped within 2-3 business days upon receipt of your payment. You will then receive automatically generated notification from with "More details on your shipment" as a subject, containing all shipping information related to your order. If you've paid by USPS money order, you will receive an e-mail with shipping information directly from Borka Tools.  If you did not receive PayPal shipping notification after 3 business days since you've placed your order, please feel free to contact us, and we'll provide shipping and tracking information for your order.

We ship exclusively by USPS Priority Mail to the U.S. addresses only, including APO and FPO addresses, but reserve right not to ship to any mail and freight forwarding companies, operating in the U.S. as the shipping agents for customers residing outside the U.S. Shipping charges are calculated depending upon the number of items in your order. Our flat rate shipping charge is $8.00 for a single item, $10.00 for two items and $12.00 for three items shipped in the same package to the same U.S. address.
If the total number of items is more than three (3), do not use "Add to Cart" buttons. Instead, contact us by e-mail for a quote and payment options. We do not ship to any destinations outside the U.S. zip codes areas, and will not be providing any warranty and/or techical support for our products, which are located outside the U.S. borders.