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  Adjustable Torque Driver Kits

Borka Tools ATD-EFK

Borka Tools adjustable torque driver (ATD) provides a range of the tightening torque adjustment from 10 inch-lbs. to 85 inch-lbs. in 1 inch-lb. increments, and represents further evolution of our multi torque driver with 12 fixed torque settings (MTD). Like MTD, new ATD incorporates two, high and low, ranges of torque adjustment. ATD1085 setup example Working with low torque range allows the user to select torque setting between 10 inch-lbs. and 29 inch-lbs., while high torque range provides adjustment from 30 inch-lbs. to 85 inch-lbs. Our 2015 model of adjustable torque driver is called ATD-1085-CSA-MG. "1085" code means that the adjustment range is from 10 inch-lbs. to 85 inch-lbs. "CSA" code means "Continuous Scale Adjustment". "MG" code means "Multi purpose Grade", and is related to ATD ability to be used indoors and outdoors. ATD was intentionally designed to resist certain amount of abuse, which is sometimes unavoidable in the field, particularly in comparison to some torque tools, which are designed, as a rule, for use indoors only.

ATD limiting torque accuracy variation is +/- 4%, which is better than typically expected +/- 6% for the quality hand operated torque tools. In order to achieve this high level of torque limiting accuracy, ATD user is fully expected to follow instructions, provided by Borka Tools. We highly recommend to watch ATD related videos from 8541 Tactical and Learning Firearms, posted on our website home page and available from Youtube. These two videos provide considerably more information than it is possible to include into the printed user guide, and show how to set up and use torque driver and other kit components in great detail. At this time, these two videos are the only ones, which are both recommended and approved by Borka Tools as the official ATD video guides.

ATD operation is based on use of one of the two pre-set "break-over" forces. These two pre-set forces, which correspond to either low or high torque adjustment ranges, are user selectable by simply flipping the torque driver over, and then applied at user adjustable distance between the center of the driver handle spherical notch (which is tightening force application spot) and the driver spindle axis of rotation. When applied force over the adjusted distance exceeds selected torque value, torque driver handle disengages the driver arm lock and then pivots out of the way, effectively canceling further torque application and preventing over-tightening of the fastener.

Compact and light weight (less than 6 ounces), rugged, highly consistent and accurate torque driver is of all metal construction and differs from traditional "slip clutch" and "cam-over" type torque limiting screwdrivers and wrenches by its simple and reliable design. In addition, all torque driver components are made from stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, and chrome or zinc plated alloy steel. This choice of materials ensures sufficent degree of corrosion protection when torque driver is used outdoors.

Borka Tools currently offers two ATD based torque tool kits, SBK and EFK, in several configurations, which are different from each other because of the variety of included accessories, packaging and pricing. FYI, description of certain accessories, which are specific to the different kit configurations, is provided at the bottom of this web page. There are no differences between torque drivers included in any of the ATD based kits.

FYI, Borka Tools 1" long screwdriver bits, made from S2 alloy tool steel and hardened to HRc 58-60, are hard chrome plated for long term corrosion resistance, which makes our screwdriver bits very suitable for use outdoors, including marine applications.

SBK (Small Bench Kit) is perfect for use in the shop, and is also recommended as an upgrade for previously sold Borka Tools MTD based kits, because nearly 90% of its price is directly attributable to included ATD-1085-CSA-MG adjustable torque driver. This kit is small enough to be carried inside your own shooting, hunting or tool bag. Rugged SBK case with outside dimensions of 7.9"x3.8"x1.7" is manufactured from High Density PE, and in combination with the double layer case foam insert, provides excellent protection for tools stored inside the case. Alternatively, you can just pack components from SBK into your own tool bag for use outdoors, as needed.

EFK (Expanded Field Kit) is configured mostly for use outdoors as a compact torque tool kit. It includes an enhanced and highly optimized variety of screwdriver bits and
a number of additional accessories. EFK outside dimensions are 6.6"x3.8"x1.2"

As an option, all ATD based torque tool kits can be purchased with Modular Cleaning Rod (MCR) kit, custom made for Borka Tools by Pro-Shot Products. While MCR is not an intergral part of EFK or SBK, there are no additional shipping charges when MCR is shipped along with either SBK or EFK. MCR can be used to configure a very compact cleaning kit by simply adding some brushes and/or jags for desired calibers, cleaning patches and bore cleaners of your choice.  Because of its cost structure, MCR is not available for sale as a separate item. See more details at the bottom of this web page.

Please take note that we do not ship ATD based kits to international retail customers.
If you are residing in any country other than the U.S., be advised not to use "Add to Cart" buttons below. These buttons work for the U.S. customers only. See FAQ, #14.

Below is the list of available ATD based kits. Our shipping flat rate charge is $8.00 for
a single kit, $12.00 for two kits and $15.00 for three kits shipped in the same package to the same U.S. address. If the total number of kits is more than three, do not use "Add to Cart" buttons. Instead, contact us by e-mail for a quote and payment options.

PTL062K components PTL062K components   Small Bench Kit (SBK)
  Standard Configuration
  Weight: 1 lb. 2 ounces

   Kit includes:

   1. ATD-1085-CSA-MG adjustable torque driver*
   2. Compact 1/4" hex drive (F) ratchet handle
   3. S2 steel 1" long hard chrome plated screwdriver bits (14):
       Hex, Inch: 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16"
       Hex, Metric: 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm
       Torx: T-10, T-15, T-25, T-30
   4. 1/4" hex drive (M) to 1/4" square drive (M) adapter
   5. 1/2" hex socket with 1/4" square drive (F)
   6. PE-HD storage case with fitted case insert
   7.  User guide

   Video available: Yes

   *Additional information:
   Made in the U.S.A. / U.S. Patent # 8,667,870
   Torque driver calibration accuracy: +/- 4%
   Adjustment range: 10 - 85 inch-lbs.
   Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor

Available SBK configurations and options
Kit code Description In Stock Price
SBK Standard configuration as shown above  Yes  $120.00
SBK1 SBK with Borka Tools Universal AICS 4" long bit  Yes  $125.00
SBK/MCR SBK + Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod (MCR) kit  Yes  $170.00
SBK1/MCR SBK1 + Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod (MCR) kit  Yes  $175.00


PTL062K components PTL062K components   Expanded Field Kit (EFK)
  Standard Configuration
  Weight: 1 lb. 4 ounces

   Kit includes:

   1. ATD-1085-CSA-MG adjustable torque driver*
   2. Compact 1/4" hex drive (F) ratchet handle**
   3. 4" long extension with 1/4" square drive (M and F) ends
   4. 1/4" hex drive (F) to 1/4" square drive (F) adapter
   5. S2 steel 1" long hard chrome plated screwdriver bits (29):
       Hex, Inch: 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16"
       Hex, Metric: 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm
       Torx: T-10, T-15, T-20, T-25, T-27, T-30
       Slotted: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32", 1/4", 9/32", 5/16"
       Phillips: #1, #2
       Pozi: #1, #2
   6. 1/4" hex drive (M) to 1/4" square drive (M) adapter
   7. 1/2" hex socket with 1/4" square drive (F)
   8. 1000D cordura custom made carry pouch by TAB GEAR
   9. User guide

   Video available: Yes

   *Additional information:
   Made in the U.S.A. / U.S. Patent # 8,667,870
   Torque driver calibration accuracy: +/- 4%
   Adjustment range: 10 - 85 inch-lbs.
   Warranty: 5 years, parts and labor

   ** Depending upon availability, this item may be replaced
   with compact 1/4" hex drive (F) x 1/4" square drive (M)
   ratchet handle of the similar construction.

Available EFK configurations and options  
Kit code Description In Stock Price
EFK Standard configuration as shown above  Yes  $155.00
EFK1  EFK with Borka Tools Universal AICS 4" long bit  Yes  $160.00
EFK2 EFK with custom made service wrench for AI Quicklok barrels and 3/8" square drive adapter  Yes  $170.00
EFK3 EFK with a set of Bondhus metric hex L-keys
and 3/8" square drive adapter for DT SRS/HTI
 Yes  $165.00
EFK/MCR  EFK + Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod (MCR) kit  Yes  $205.00
EFK1/MCR  EFK1 + Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod (MCR) kit  Yes  $210.00
EFK2/MCR EFK2 + Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod (MCR) kit  Yes  $220.00
EFK3/MCR EFK3 + Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod (MCR) kit  Yes  $215.00

Below is the description of accessories, referenced above. These accessories are not offered for sale as separate items, and are available with Borka torque tool kits only. However, you can selectively add any of these accessories to any kits listed above. If interested, contact us by e-mail to get a price quote for your desired kit configuration.

Borka Tools AICS 4" long bit   Universal AICS 3/16" ball-end hex 4" long bit
   Designed and made by Borka Tools

   Universal AICS bit works for both Generation 1 and Generation 2
   Accuracy International Chassis Systems, and potentially, for many
   other chassis designs, which use action screws with 3/16" head
   hex sockets. Bit is made from S2 steel and hardened to HRc 58-60.
   It provides access to the action screws with stock skins attached.
   Universal AICS bit is included with EFK1, SBK1 and PTL-053K-AICS.
AI MC barrel wrench   Service wrench for AI Quickloc barrels
   Designed and made by Borka Tools

   This compact and light weight wrench has 3/4" wide opening,
   which is precisely machined to fit the flats at the end of the
   barrels, used in AI rifles with Quickloc barrel release. Wrench
   is made from stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance.
   It is only 4 1/2" long, 1 1/2" wide and 1/8" thick, with a weight
   of less than 2 ounces and is included with EFK2 and PTL049K2.
Bondhus metric hex set for Desert Tech rifles   Set of long metric hex L-keys
   Made by Bondhus

   This set includes 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm
   hex L-keys, which are sufficiently long to easily reach trigger
   adjustment screws through the trigger guard of Desert Tech SRS
   and HTI rifles. L-keys can be also used for other maintenance
   procedures and barrel changes (5 mm hex). This set is included
   with EFK3, along with 1/4" (F) to 3/8" square drive (M) adapter.
Borka Tools MCR Borka Tools MCR in a tool tube   Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod (MCR) kit   
   Configured by Borka Tools from parts made by Pro-Shot Products
   Kit includes eight (8) rod sections with the standard 8-32 threads,
   each with 5" of usable rod length, for a total of 40" of maximum
   rod length when fully assembled. These rod sections are precision
   machined from 416 stainless steel, which is mechanically strong,
   but is still softer than the typical barrel steel, and have 0.203" O.D.
   An additional 3" long rod section is provided for use as a rod end
   protector. Having a rod end protector is beneficial in a situation
   when cleaning rod is deployed to forcefully remove stuck fired
   cartridge case from the barrel chamber. MCR comes with 4 1/4"
   long Pro-Shot patented swivel handle and a brass muzzle guard.
   MCR is not a part of EFK or SBK; it is intended to serve as a core
   component of compact firearms maintenance kit, configured by
   the user, and will work for 5.45/5.56/.22 and larger caliber bores.
   MCR is packaged in 1" x 1" x 5 3/4" tool tube as shown on the left.
   All kit components are made in the U.S.A. by Pro-Shot Products.

From: Boris Teper, Borka Tools Owner

A personal note about Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod - as far as I'm concerned, and in addition to what I was told by my customers, who've purchased and used this product, this is the probably the best quality modular cleaning rod made in the U.S.A., and at a reasonable price. This simply makes it the best value modular cleaning rod, period. I've tried to find an alternative, but nothing came close after weeks of search. Dimensional tolerances and excellent quality of surface finish are consistent from one rod section to the other. While it is a modular cleaning rod, it is practically seamless, and serves as a testament to the high quality of manufacturing, which is strictly observed at Pro-Shot Products. For all practical purposes, nearly seamless modular cleaning rod performs the same as a one piece cleaning rod. As far as I could observe during my research, it is not being widely recognized that in addition to having a capability of being packaged in a very compact format, modular cleaning rod can be configured to closely match the actual length of the firearms barrels. This feature makes Pro-Shot modular cleaning rod more practical and convenient for use on a wide range of fireams, from very short barrel handguns to long barrel rifles. In additon, being only as long as it is necessary makes modular cleaning rod a lot more mechanically rigid, which is very important for the barrel bore cleaning and for removal of the stuck fired cartridge case. Pro-Shot is very well known for high quality products, made in the U.S.A., but in my opinion, their cleaning rods and related accessories really stand out as precision instruments for fireams barrels maintenance. As a long time shooter and professional engineer (P.E.),
I believe that Pro-Shot products deserve serious consideration by serious shooters.    

As a general rule, it is not recommended to use any precision torque limiting tools for loosening the fasteners, only for tightening them. However, and on occasion, ATD may be used to loosen fasteners without negative consequences, but only if fasteners were originally tightened with the same ATD (1), and only if fasteners are not seized due to various factors (2), which may take place over extended periods of time. It is often not practically possible to know condition of the internal threads without first exposing the threads for visual inspection. For this reason, we always recommend to use included, in the kit, ratchet drive handle or other suitable tool for loosening the fasteners. Never use ATD to loosen fasteners, which were secured with thread locking compounds.