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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the principal differences between ATD and PTL kits?
2. Which of the torque settings should I use?
3. Can you recommend specific kit or a tool?
4. Are your products made in the U.S.A.?
5. Can I place credit card order over the phone?
6. What is the "Group Buy" arrangement?
7. Do you offer Military/LE discount?
8. Can you send a free sample for our professional review?
9. Can you send a free sample to our company for evaluation?
10. Can our company resell Borka Tools products?
11. Are you interested in having our company as a distributor?
12. Can you, on occasion, supply products for resale as needed?
13. How can our company make a volume purchase of your tools?
14. Can you provide us with a quote for a single kit?
15. Will you ship retail orders internationally?
16. Can you replace screwdriver bit if I broke it?
17. What are your payment terms?
18. What are your warranty terms?


  1. What are the principle differences between ATD and PTL based torque tool kits? Which one is better for my needs?
  1. ATD kit is a universal torque tool kit, and while being more expensive than either single or double PTL kit, is suitable for work on a very wide variety of firearms and optical scope setups. ATD is fully adjustable by the user, and this important feature requires the user to follow certain steps in order to achieve high level of torque output accuracy and consistency. Our PTL kit is a designated torque tool kit, and is typically less expensive option if used in a right setting. Each PTL unit is preset to a single specific torque limiting value, is not user-adjustable and is very effective as a component of a designated maintenance kit for the high value precision rifle. PTL kit is also a great solution for gunsmithing shop, professional rifle builder, military/LE armourer, in limited production and in R&D environment. Comparing ATD and PTL kits with a monetary value in mind, it becomes obvious that if an individual user expects to work with more than three specific torque settings, ATD based kit becomes a much more cost - effective choice. This is the main reason why Borka Tools line of standard configuration PTL kits is limited to either a single or double PTL kits, with an option to add more PTLs as needed.
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  1. I just purchased your torque kit; what are the torque settings I should use for scope rings fasteners, scope mounts and action screws on my rifles?
  1. This information is typically provided to the end users by the manufacturers of scope rings, scope mounts and rifles. We respect the work done by all these manufacturers in determining the correct torque settings and therefore, we do not provide our own tightening torque recommendations, which may or may not be in line with manufacturers recommendations. If you already happen to know recommended torque settings, we’ll be happy to discuss with you which of the available torque tools may work the best for your specific rifle/scope combo.
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  1. I need some torque tools, and I have a bunch of various fireams and scopes, can you recommend which one of your kits and other tools will work for me?
  1. We'll be happy to assist you to the best of our ability. But before you contact us, please find out yourself which of the torque settings are recommended for your firearms, scope rings and mounts, etc. We can then provide Borka tools related recommendations, which would be based on your specific requirements.
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  1. Are your products made in the U.S.A.?
  1. All Borka Tools torque drivers (both ATD and MTD) and TAB GEAR pouches are made in the U.S.A.  Accessories portion of our kits is a mix of the U.S. made and imported components. We would love to have everything, we offer, to be made in the U.S.A.  However, a number of components, which are included in our kits, are not available from the U.S. manufacturers, and some of the U.S. manufacturers will not work directly with small size businesses like ours.
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  1. Can I call and place credit card order over the phone?
  1. Typically, we do not accept credit card orders over the phone, just because we do not want to be in possession of your detailed financial information, and taking orders over the phone may also increase chances of shipping address mistakes or other forms of misunderstanding. For these particular reasons, we prefer to have everything related to financial transactions in written format, which takes place automatically when you place your order(s) online.  If you still want to place your order over the phone, our authorized dealers should be able to help you. Just be aware that even if you give your credit card info over the phone, this information will still be submitted over the Internet. If you do not want to use our "Add to cart" type of transaction, say, because you "do not trust Internet" with your credit card info, we suggest using USPS money orders sent by snail mail, which we gladly accept. However, you're very welcome to call us any time, if you have technical questions or looking for clarifications and possibly, suggestions.
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  1. What is Borka Tools "Group Buy" arrangement?
  1. "Group Buy" is a type of sale arrangement when a certain number of people are interested to purchase our tools on favorable terms, so they create a group of several individuals, jointly collect required payments for desired number of kits and designate their representative to contact us. Group representative orders kits, sends payment and receives kits for all participants of the group buy, for distribution inside such group. For example, it applies to a group of particular shooting club members, or, even, to a group of internet forum members.
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  1. I‘m an active duty military or law enforcement professional; do you offer Military or LE discount?
  1. Yes, but only if you're on active duty as a member of the U.S. military, state or local police, or sheriff's department. If you're on active duty, you may be eligible for 10% discount on all in-stock Borka products. In order to be considered for this discount, contact us by e-mail using only your current federal, state or local government provided e-mail account. Mil/LE discount is applicable to currently serving individuals, who make equipment purchases with use of their own funds, in order to enhance their capabilities in the line of official duty. Take note that retired U.S. military and law enforcement personnel, who are no longer on active duty, are not eligible for this discount. There are no discounts for purchases by the federal, state and local government funded organizations, except for quantity discount, which is also a subject of our consideration in each particular case.  If you are not able to establish that you are on active duty by sending us an e-mail from your current U.S. military/LE e-mail account, you are not eligable for Mil/LE discount, regardless of any other forms of your identification documents.  
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  1. I’m a professional reviewer or magazine writer; can you send to me a free sample of your tool kit for review?
  1. As a rule, we no longer provide free samples for reviews, with a single exception (see below). This is because we fully expect to see both technical accuracy and timeliness of reviews, which we consider to be the extremely important elements of any review or presentation. However, from our experience in the past, a good number of the "professional" reviews has been published with very considerable delays or contained technically inaccurate information, or both. In some cases, delays were so long that by the time review(s) were published, reviewed tools were already phased out in favor of the other tools. When this happens, some of our potential customers become confused, and it takes a considerable effort on our side to clear up such confusion, which is never a welcome development for any business. From more than a two dozen professional reviewers, who wrote or made videos about our tools since early 2011, John McQuay from 8541Tactical and Dave Timm from Learning Firearms always stand out as providing both very technically accurate and timely reviews. This is not a surprise, since both of them are known firearms professionals, and in addition, they use our tools on a regular basis. There was also a number of other quality reviews, all of which were posted by the actual users of various Borka Tools products, who've purchased them for their own needs, and who've had sufficient time to practically evaluate our tools before making their own decision to review... However, and as an exception, we may provide a free sample for a "professional" review, if a person, interested in doing such review, is able to demonstrate substantial technical knowledge and practical experience related to the subject of the review. If you believe that you're qualified to do a review, do not limit your initial inquiry to introducing yourself in general terms, as it tells us very little about your skills and your reach to potential customers.  Instead, send links or make references to several of your previously published reviews for firearms related tools and accessories, so that we can get
    a clear idea about your depth of technical knowledge and your style of writting or creating other forms of presentation material. Because nearly all of our tools are sold in the U.S. market, we're only really interested in reviews, published and/or posted online for domestic consumption, and in English language only.
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  1. I’m a prospective dealer, or large volume one time purchaser, or OEM customer; can you send to me a free sample of your tool kit, or demo sample at reduced price, so that I can evaluate it and decide if I want to offer it for re-sale or purchase substantial quantity of Borka Tools products?
  1. We do not provide free samples or sell demo samples. Therefore, if you would like to evaluate our tools and then make your decision based on such evaluation, purchase samples of interest as a retail customer.
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  1. Our company would like to resell or import Borka Tools products; how can it be done?
  1. We do not except new dealer applications in 2018. However, OEM inquiries for some of our products, to be sold with OEM own products, are very welcome. In 2019, we may re-start accepting new dealer applications; however, it depends upon having an additional production capacity to satisfy market demand. Take note that we do not directly export our products. However, if your non-US based company is interested in purchasing of a substantial quantity of our products, we will forward your request to the U.S. based export agency, which may then assist your company in all matters related to the export of our products. 
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  1. I can distribute Borka Tools products in the U.S.A. and other countries, are you interested in having my company as a distributor?
  1. We are not interested in any traditional distribution arrangements for sale of our products in the U.S.A., and prefer to sell to our customers directly. We also sell, as requested, to our authorized dealers for resale to their own retail customers.
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  1. I have a customer, who is interested in certain Borka Tools products, will you sell these products to my company for resale to this customer?
  1. If your customer is interested in Borka Tools products, it is very likely that your customer already knows how to contact us directly. However, if your business is directly related to firearms accessories, and if your customer strongly prefers to do business only with your company, we will give consideration to your request. However, we will not be suppling our products to you at discounted prices, which are reserved exclusively for Borka Tools authorized dealers, so be prepared to pay full retail price, regardless of order quantity. Take note that all Borka Tools authorized dealers are not allowed to make volume sales in general and at any discount in particular. For this reason, approaching Borka Tools dealers in hopes of obtaining a better pricing for our products in exchange for quantity is a wrong idea, which will eliminate your prospects of doing business with Borka Tools.     
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  1. Our organization is interested to purchase certain quantity of your tools for use by our members; should we do business directly with Borka Tools or we can use one of the authorized dealers to obtain your tools?
  1. As an organization interested in volume purchase, you should always conduct business directly with Borka Tools. Our dealers do not have sufficient capacity to provide effective technical support, including warranty support, for such volume purchases, and are not authorized to negotiate with organizations in regard to pricing and delivery terms for our products.
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  1. Can you provide us with a quote for a single kit; our organization wishes to see such quote in order to consider a purchase of Borka Tools item.
  1. We consider such quote to be a highly non-productive use of our time, because the price of the item and shipping charges will be exactly the same as posted on our website. Also, it's been our experience that only a small number of submitted quotes resulted in making a sale. For these two reasons, we will not be providing a quote for a single kit. Quotes will be provided for three or more kits only.
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  1. I reside in a foreign country; will you ship retail orders internationally?
  1. We do not accept and do not ship any retail orders to any destinations outside the U.S. zip code areas. Our business is in the development and manufacturing of compact torque tools and kits, and selling these products directly to individual (retail) customers with the U.S. delivery addresses, including military APO / FPO addresses. We do reserve right to reject any orders from international customers, who use mail and freight forwarding services located in the U.S. Also, please take into consideration that Borka Tools will not be providing direct warranty and technical support for any Borka products, which are physically located outside the U.S. zip codes areas, due to high international shipping costs. If you reside in any country other than the U.S., please be advised that all of Borka "Add to Cart" buttons are set up for use by the U.S. customers only. It has been our experience that some potential overseas customers still try to order our products with use of these buttons, and are surprised to see $250,000 shipping charge. We have to do this for technical reasons, and in line with the suggestion from PayPal advisors: "You can not block shipping to a particular country, however for the ones you do not intend to ship to, make the shipping charges so high that it will discourage anyone from attempting to place an order."
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  1. I broke one of the small size screwdriver bits, included with your kit, can you replace it?
  1. We use only top quality screwdriver bits, which are supplied by one of the best screwdriver bits makers in the world. While traditionally having an extremely low failure rate, all of the screwdriver bits from Borka Tools are considered to be consumables. This is also the common practice, for example, see "Exclusions" from Wiha (high quality tool maker from Germany), which offers excellent quality bits: Therefore, screwdriver bits are not covered by the warranty. However, you can purchase replacement bits, if available, or complete bits sets as needed.
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Terms of payment

Borka Tools, Division of Borka Enterprises, operates its business exclusively on the basis of available cash flow and does not use, as a matter of principle, bank loans, bank lines of credit and other related type of debt. This business model, chosen by Borka Tools, rules out any form of financing from Borka Tools to any third parties for purchases of Borka Tools products, for example such as allowing various forms of delayed payments. In line with our strategic objective to stay financially independent, terms of payment are configured to support such debt free model of operation.

1. As a general rule, all retail orders, orders from U.S. based and international dealers shall be pre-paid prior to shipping these orders.

2. Payments for orders shipped to the current U.S. based dealers, known for high payment discipline, shall be made upon receipt of goods, and no later than in five days. Five days payment delay is allowed to provide sufficient time for payment related documents to be processed thru dealer’s accounts payable.

3. Prospective customers, who make extensive use of payment delays on a regular basis in doing business with their suppliers by specifying, for example, fifteen days (net 15) or thirty days (net 30) payment terms, will not be able to use such terms with Borka Tools. Instead, they may consider an alternative of using their own bank credit lines, if they wish to use the benefit of delayed payment for themselves. In practical terms, it means that we may accept an advanced, prior to shipping of ordered goods, payments with use of customers own credit cards, which have to be equal to the total order amount + 3.7% for the customers paying with the U.S. bank issued credit cards, and +4.7% for the customers paying with credit cards issued by the non-U.S. banks.
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Warranty terms and conditions

All Borka Tools products, except for screwdriver bits (see below),  are covered by
a five year warranty against manufacturing defects, including parts and labor, with warranty period being initiated from the date of purchase. Tool kit pouches and tool kit cases are not covered by the warranty, unless these items, upon their return for our examination, are found to have pronounced manufacturing defects.  Tool tubes and containers for small parts and fluids are not covered by the warranty.

Borka torque tools with mechanical damage on the outside of the tools, which may potentially affect either functionality or torque output accuracy, or the same tools which were misused, re-adjusted or otherwise altered by the users, are not covered by warranty.

Borka Tools uses top quality screwdriver bits, which are supplied by one of the best screwdriver bits makers in the world. While having an extremely low failure rate, all Borka Tools screwdriver bits are considered to be consumables, which is a common approach, practiced by many screwdriver bits vendors and suppliers. For this reason, screwdriver bits are not covered by the warranty.

Our customers residing in the U.S.A. are advised to contact Borka Tools directly with potential warranty claims, if they purchased our tools and accessories from the U.S. based authorized Borka Tools dealers or Borka Tools directly.

If product in question is found to have manufacturing defects, requiring certain repair or replacement, it will be done free of charge to the customer, including the return shipping to the valid U.S. address. Customer will be also reimbursed for up to $7.00 in shipping costs to Borka Tools. We strongly recommend that for the purposes of warranty related shipping, customers use USPS Priority Mail or USPS Parcel Post with tracking.

Warranty limitations for international customers: Due to already high and constantly rising cost of international shipping, Borka Tools will not be able to directly provide above mentioned warranty to international customers, who should instead contact Borka Tools dealers in their countries of residence.
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